Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's not a Match...

It's no secret that I have done online dating. Many of my friends have married the person they met online, so I do believe that it can happen. I have tried a few of the free sites and have been on and off of Match for a few years. You definitely get what you pay for. I am trying to be open minded but I have some rules. For starters, I will not contact or reply to you if you do not have a photo and I probably will not contact/reply to you if all your photos were taken by you, in a mirror and you don't have a shirt on. In this day and age, I am pretty sure you can find a friend to take a photo of you.

Check out a few stand out suitors and you be the judge.

Bachelor #1 - Meet kuki411

Here is his email that I am sure he has sent to others. I feel so cheated!

you know sometimes it is absolutely meaningless for me to even think opening E-mail and writing something to a girl like you (for the obvious reasons), but this is one of the opportunities when your heart and soul just govern you that you have to go for it and there is not a bit of a hesitation.

Since there is no other sense of explaining why I am writing, I will be blunt:

1. you are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE: your eyes, gorgeous smile, body language, and overall posture are just part of your character. Also, I haven't recently seen this nice composition of the face like yours with such a nice smile and positive energy that easily reaches a hefty radius around you. We can all probably write our life books on how we lived our respective lives and still maintained smile on our face, but your book would certainly be a bestseller from a get go !!! How many thousand words this picture can tell?

2. the wealth of a person is measured not by money but rather by how large a network of truly close and loyal people, friends and acquaintances that is, surround that person....I consider you (from what I read in your script as well as through my senses by looking at your pictures, that you seem to be one of those worthwhile having as a part of my wealth.

and if I did not mean that from my heart up front and honestly, I would not bother (if for no other reason then because I fall outside of your "default age spec” comfort zone) writing you this message this night ...

For whatever it is worth, my name is Misko...

how about yours

- I didn't know Glamour Shots still existed.

Bachelor #2 - Meet SengB

SengB's email -
How are you? Ca is a pretty good state

- He is a man of many words.

Bachelor #3 - CapricornDater

- Who's that Spartan in my teepee...

So there you go. Talk amongst yourselves.

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