Wednesday, August 29, 2012

J. Crew Clearance Stores - JACKPOT!

This past weekend I made a visit the two J. Crew Clearance stores in Lynchburg, Virginia. If you are a J. Crew lover like me, it's worth paying a visit. I have been once before and didn't have much luck. This time, I hit the jackpot!!!

Everything isn't perfect, so you have to check for snags and other flaws. From what I hear most items are online or store returns. The first stop was 25 Millrace Drive, Lynchburg, Virginia. You pull into an industrial area thinking, what the heck, but once you go into the store, you will be greeted with amazing finds and prices! The store looks like a typical J. Crew store, full of shirts, shoes, pants, cashmere sweaters, dresses, etc. They even have a small men's section. Prices range from $10 for a long sleeve t-shirt to $90 for a pair of boots. Cashmere sweaters are $50, shoes are typically $50-$70, pants are $20 and blouses range from $20-$30.

I must have spent an hour looking around the store making sure I didn't miss anything. I couldn't get over how many current, in season items they had. The hardest part was deciding on which shoes to get!!

I ventured over to the second store which is 2 miles away and located at 101-A Northwynd Circle, Lynchburg, Virginia. In my opinion, this location had a much better selection. I must have spent 45 minutes looking through all the racks. This location had Crew Cuts and Madewell clothes and dresses from J. Crew's bridal line. The prices were ridiculous! I think one of the bridal dresses was a couple hundred bucks!

I had one item on my list that I was hoping to get, a pair of navy Minnie's. I looked and looked and nothing in my size. I happen to look over and I saw a pair on one of the mannequins. I ran over and guess what, they were my size!!!! It was fate! And guess what, they were $20!!!!

In the end I scored two pairs of Viv patent flats, black and tan for $70/pair, navy Minnie's for $20, Cafe capri's in warm jade for $20, and a Blythe blouse in a light blue for $30. In the end I got almost $700 worth of clothes for less then $230! I was so happy with my finds!

If you are up for a road trip and a J. Crew lover, I suggest making a day trip to Lynchburg. It's definitely hit or miss, but so worth it. And there are a ton of wineries in the area too!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fifty Shades of Annoying

After 3+ months I have finally finished the first installment of Fifty Shades of Grey. I was so annoyed after finishing it because now I have to read the second one to see what happens. I found this link online and I think it has to be the funniest review. Pretty much sums up how I feel about the book!