Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Palena - A resturant review

Monday night I met up with my two friends, John and Joe from my old job. While I don't miss a day at that place, I do miss my old co-workers. I love that I stay in touch with most of them and try and get together often.

John's company builds out restaurant's in the Metro DC area. Cava, Mussel Bar, and Vapiano are just a few of them and I am always lucky enough to be invited to have dinner at one of the restaurant's his company has just completed. Monday night we went to Palena in Cleveland Park in DC. Palena is one of the only restaurants in DC to have been awarded the prestigious James Beard award. Earlier in the day I emailed John after looking at the menu online and had one word...FANCY! Foie Gras, rabbit, duck breast...all way too fancy for this palette, however I can thank Top Chef for teaching me what foie gras is :)

We ended up dining in the more casual Cafe area with menu items that were definitely more my style. The wine was fabulous, the Mozzarella de Buffalo appetizer was amazing, frites were delish, however, I are the most amazing hamburger ever in my life. It was so tasty, juicy and I ate every single bite! I was still full the next morning from that meal. John said that other top chefs come specifically for the burger! The picture does not do it justice - stupid Blackberry with no flash :(

What a great night with great food and even better company!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to my roots!

Last week I decided to highlight my hair a little darker. While I am real blonde (insert funny comments, jokes, etc.) my hair has gotten darker over the years, so I went back to my natural color...I think this is what it is. :)It's hard to tell from this picture, but you get the idea. Here we are celebrating Kristy's birthday!

Don't fret, I will be blonde again in 6-8 weeks!

PS - Need a new do?!?! You must go see my stylist, Felicya at PR @ Partners in Shirlington. I have been going to her for 4 or 5 years now and she is AMAZING!!!!!!!