Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Season - Alicia's Getting Married!

Alicia's wedding is next on the list!
The other weekend me and my college friends had a surprise dinner for Alicia at Wildfire at Tyson's Galleria. It was hard for me to keep this a secret from her, as we chat often and I was always worried that I would accidentally slip up. I told her that I received a gift card from work for accomplishing a task. Alicia was in, so everything was all set.

Kristy, Liz and I picked her up while all the other girls arrived beforehand. When they took us to our table, all the girls where there to yell surprise! Alicia was definitely surprised and had no idea! We all bought Alicia a little something sexy for her groom-to-be. We had a great time catching up and shared some good laughs.

Alicia, the bride-to-be

Just a little something sexy. Notice the creepy old guy behind Alicia trying to catch a sneak peek. 

Me and one of my closest and best friends, Sara! 

The group! 

This past Sunday was Alicia's bridal shower. It was held at my house and Kristyn and Liz did such a wonderful job planning. We set up most of the afternoon Saturday and Sunday was just getting the food out. Such a great idea to set up the day before and it made Sunday less stressful.  

 The food! Sandwiches from Wegmans, potato salad, orzo pasta salad (thank you Neely's), 
and a green salad.

Desserts - Cupcakes with edible flowers, mousse cups, fruit and yogurt dip. 
Oh and notice the hanging Tissue Poms, after seeing these on all of the blogs I read, we made them. They are so easy to make and are too cute! 

Lovely little cake for Alicia! 

Cupcakes with edible flowers. So good! 

How cute are the cards that Kristyn made?!?! They match the invites. She is so talented!


 Alicia and some of her goodies! 

 Kristy, Alicia and I.

 Me and Alicia! 

Kristy, Kristyn, Alicia, Liz and me! 

Such a great time on Sunday and I think I speak for all of us when I say, we cannot wait to celebrate at Alicia's wedding this Friday! 

Wedding Season!

Stephanie and David's wedding was at the end of April, so I apologize for the delay in this post. It was held at the Washington Golf in Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. The ceremony was outside and the weather was perfect. Funny enough, the country club is located next to my alma mater, Marymount University. We feasted on shrimp cocktail, filet mignon and the best part, cupcakes instead of cake. Soooo good! We all ate, drank and danced all night!

My camera is awful so here are a few pictures.

Cocktail hour! Annie, Kaci and me!

Mr. & Mrs. Friedman's first dance!

Me and Amelia

Me with the newlyweds

The amazing get away car. So classy!

Such a great wedding! I wish Stephanie and David a lifetime of happiness!