Saturday, September 10, 2011

Looavull. Luhvul. Lewisville. Looaville. Looeyville. Louisville.

A few weeks ago I went to Louisville, Kentucky to visit my close friend Heather. Due to the impending Hurricane Irene, I was able to fly out a day early at no charge..thank you Southwest! While it was rainy and windy and crappy in Virginia, I was basking in the sun in Louisville all weekend long!

Heather and I met at a marketing conference (we both did mall marketing) in Arizona almost 8 or 9 years ago. We lost touch and 5 years ago we attended the the same marketing conference and reconnected and have stayed in touch ever since.

I always have a great time visiting her and her husband Anthony. I have become friends with a few of Heather's friends, so its nice to see them too.

Docking the yacht at Quarterdeck.  

Christine, Heather, Tara and me!

Spa Day! Getting facials.

                                 Heather and Anthony                              

Tara and I enjoying Mojito's at Havana Rumba....sooo good! 

Spending the day at Tara's pool.   

Our AWESOME dinner. Bourban Flank Steak, Crabcake and Risotto...and red wine of course!

Last night in Louisville :(

Me and her!

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