Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Color Run Richmond

This past weekend me and a few friends participated in the Happiest 5K on the Planet, The Color Run in Richmond, VA and had the best time! 3.1 miles of color madness is designed for runners/walkers, people of all ages, shapes, sizes and speeds.

You begin the race in your clean white t-shirt and by the end you have been plastered with various colors. Each kilometer of the event is associated with a designated color: yellow, orange, pink, or blue. As you go through the COLOR RUN Zones, you are sprayed with colored corn starch. By the end of the race you are a colorific mess! After the race, participants take part in a color extravaganza where you throw your color pack in the air and and have a good ole time.

Afterwards we went on a Canal Tour and learned a little bit about Richmond. For dinner me, Steph and Alison went to the most amazing restaurant, Edo's Squid. I think I had the best meal of my life. We split the mussels and conch salad for an appetizer and for our entree we had the ahi tuna and grouper. We could not stop talking about how good the food was. If you are in Richmond, I highly recommend you try this restaurant. Be sure to make a reservation, otherwise you probably won't be able to get a table.

Enjoy the pics!

So fresh and so clean, clean
Sea of white!

Waiting to start the race!

Action shot!
After the race!


A Colorific Mess!


After race beverages at Buffalo Wild Wings

Historic Canal Tour

Alison and Stephanie, who gives the canal tour a thumbs up.
More canal tour...
Libby Hill looking towards the James River

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