Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Devil Wears Secondhand Prada

Most of my friends know that as of recently I have become a regular thrift store shopper. I feel like all my sentences start with, "When I was at Goodwill...." I have scored some amazing finds that I love to brag about. Maybe I will get one of those photo brag books that parents carry around to show off their kids. Because in my eyes, that Tory Burch tote for $10 and pair of True Religion jeans for $7 are my prized possessions. 
I scored these Prada heels yesterday!

But before you turn your noses up at the thought of buying someone else’s sloppy seconds, think about the following:
  • Reuse, Recycle, blah blah blah...thrift stores are no different. After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure! While not everything at a thrift store is in tip top shape, you would be surprised how many items are donated that have been worn only a few times or still have the tags attached.
  • Thrift stores are no longer the red-headed stepchild. Goodwill has really revamped their whole image. Not only do they have a Facebook page, but the local DC Goodwill has a blog! Check it out here Goodwill DC Also, every purchase you make at Goodwill goes back to the organization that helps others with job training.
  • Name brands galore! I'm serious! It amazes me how many designer items are at thrift stores and being sold for next to nothing. Yes, sometimes the items are beyond wearable or out of style. But are you really going to walk away from designer jeans that fit you perfectly and have you at hello and only cost $7?!?!?! If anything you buy them and flip them on Ebay. 
  • Homegoods, Target, Marshalls, those are the first places we go when getting house wares. Thrift stores have great items as well. When I first purchased my condo, I needed pictures and little things to make my home complete. However, all those little items can add up! I have found original watercolor prints, bowls, plates and even a brand new Pampered Chef cooking stone. So definitely think about scoping out the thrift stores before making those purchases.
Stay tuned for my weekly thrift store hits and misses. :)

Have you found anything great at the thrift stores?


  1. guess this kick means I have to listen to your daily scores? nice find on the prada's :-)

  2. LOVE thrifitng!! I worked at a Buy/Sell/Trade clothing store called Buffalo Exchange for a few years in college and really became obsessed with buying 2nd hand after that. Thrift stores are great but my 1st stop is always at a Buy/Sell/Trade or Consignment shop. They are a step above since trained buyers bring in the merchandise and are looking for current pieces that are in great shape as well!

  3. Wow! Those Prada shoes are an awesome find. Totally jealous.