Sunday, February 20, 2011

Banh Mi 101

Last week my good friend Yoonhee, invited me over for dinner. Her group of friends have a weekly dinner and rotate houses. It's so much fun and I love that I have been included in the weekly dinner!

This week we had Banh Mi. It's a Vietnamese sandwich that has anything you can imagine on it. Yoonhee and her friends walked me through the sandwich making process. Some of the ingredients were interesting, but we will get to that later!

First you take a sandwich roll and spread French butter. What is French butter you ask? It's the creamiest, most amazing butter you will ever try.

Next you add Pate. I have never had Pate and was a little scared to try it. Not sure if I actually tasted it, but I was glad that I added it!

After the Pate, I doused the sandwich with a soy sauce like sauce. I cant' remember the name.

Next layer of the sandwich are the meats. This is where it gets interesting. You can put any type of meat on the sandwich. We had pork, ham and Head cheese. What is head cheese? Well it's not cheese AT ALL! It's like a lunch meat. But its has jelly made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig. It's crunchy and not appetizing at all. However, I was a big girl and tried it. And then removed it after a few bites.

The Head cheese is the middle meat.

Next I added cucumbers, cilantro, Vietnamese sausage, (just like pepperoni but spicier), and pickled carrots and onions.

Finally the piece de resistance....the egg! Voila! We are done assembling the sandwich.

It was so good! Minus the head cheese! Yoonhee has opened my palate to many Asian dishes that I would otherwise probably never try. I can't wait for the next meal!

Yoonhee and I. :)

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